Saturday, March 13, 2010

Great Expectations: Success!

REPUBLIC Worldwide presented Great Expectations, the final event of our four tier project with Cooke's Center for Learning and Development, on Tuesday March 9, 2010 at PS122. Students, parents, teachers, and friends started to trickle in before the event was scheduled to begin and the gallery was packed up until we had to close the doors around 7:30.

To say the night was a success is an understatement, it was an incredibly emotional and exciting night for all who attended. Everyone was filled with pride as the amazing students of Cooke Center walked through the gallery, realizing they are real artists and can accomplish anything they dream of. Never before has REPUBLIC Worldwide witnessed so many expressions of true joy and delight while looking at art.

The outsider artists from Pure Vision were inspiring; through each piece students saw the potential of their own work. The room was vivid with color and the pop culture characters by Stephan Kramer were a huge hit with everyone.

REPUBLIC Worldwide wants to thank all the teachers and administrators from Cooke Center, specifically Mary Munsch and Ayde Rayas, for giving us the opportunity to work with inspirited students, Pam Rogers from Pure Vision for loaning us stunning pieces for the show, and Susan Schreiber at PS122 for donating the space. Thank you everyone who attended and made this an event that REPUBLIC Worldwide will always remember.

All photos by Sean McGurn
Find all the photos from Great Expectations at under "Events"

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