Thursday, March 4, 2010

REPUBLIC's first Monday Stand up Comedy: Hilarious Success!

The night of Monday February 22, 2010 was full of laughs as REPUBLIC filed in comedy lovers to enjoy the first Monday Stand up Comedy night. The comedians rocked the house and guests walked out of Bar on A with abs a little more rock hard from all the laughter.

The drinks flowed and the laughs were heard on the streets. If you missed this show, it sucks for you, but fear not! REPUBLIC is going to switch the Monday for Thursday (because we know by Thursday everyone needs a little comedy to relieve the stress of the week). So check back in and we'll give you the information on the Thursday Stand up Comedy, coming the last Thursday of every month.

"Let's get real" comedian Mad Dog Mattern and the host, TJ Del Reno

All-too-honest Helen Hong

Mark Riccadonna teaches us life can be nothing but funny

Headliner DJ Hazzard (under the light) enjoying a few laughs

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