Monday, July 19, 2010

PaperGirl New York! Albany / NYC accepting submissions...

Artists (of all kind!) decided to take their art to the streets in a style which imitates paperboys.
PaperGirl distributes art to strangers on the street after the art is shown in a gallery. Last year was incredibly successful, and this year PaperGirl-Albany is combining forces with New York City to present to you PaperGirl-New York State!

PaperGirl in a nutshell:
This is a street art action! Anyone can submit art work, and anyone can be involved in the production process....
Open: All content is public.
Send your artwork to:
PaperGirl at The MarketPlace Gallery 40 Broadway, Suite #23 Albany, NY 12202 or Contact Samson at the Marketplace Gallery at or for more information. DEADLINE IS AUGUST 1st !!!!!!