Saturday, May 30, 2009


REPUBLIC and Create For A Cause's charity event, REACHING OUT: GISIMBA ORPHANAGE was a huge success and we want to thank you all for coming out and supporting the efforts to help raise money for the children at Gisimba Memorial Centre. One of the main efforts in reaching our donation goal was the extensive silent auction. It's still open until Tuesday, June 2 and you can check out the items here (with the current bid information) or on Chrissie Lam's website, Create For A Cause. In order to make bids on any of the items that catch your eye, email Chrissie at

We really hope you'll participate because all proceeds go straight to Gisimba Memorial Centre to help fund the children's education, food, and health care.

REPUBLIC T-shirt and Limited Edition Poster
Valued at $30
Starting Bid: $10
Current Bid: $20

"Relics" by Jason Voegele
oil on panal 12 x12 inches
Valued at $600
Starting Bid: $200

Men's ELGIN Watches made by M.Z Berger
Valued at $225-$350
Starting Bid: $75 (per watch)

Women's ELGIN Watches made by M.Z Berger

Valued at $225-$350
Starting bid: $75 (per watch)

Valued at $50
Starting bid: $15

Nadia: Chartreuse, Peach, Black, Blue by Jazz-minh Moore
oil on panel 5 x 5 inches (each)
Valued at $700
Starting Bid: $250


1st Edition of "Longing for Darkness" by Peter Beard
Kamante's Tales (Out of Africa)
Valued at $150
Starting bid: $70
Current Bid: $100

Steve Alan Gift Basket:
Woman's Gift Basket
includes: Jewel green silk shirt (sm),
Plaid PJ pand and solid woven shirt set (sm/md)
Valued at $400
Starting Bid: $100
Men's Gift Baske
t includes: Stripe woven long sleeve woven shirt (md),
olive chino pant (32 waist), chambray short sleeve woven shirt (XL)
Valued at $450
Starting Bid: $100

American Eagle Gift Basket:
Woman's Gift Basket
includes: aerie shimmer body cream and sparkling body mist,
$10 gift card, Ben Lee cd, small white cotton mini with
smocking and eyelet details (md), lowrise, bootcut
navy favorite trouser (8), pink slubby scoop neck
long sleeve t-shirt (sm)
Valued at $200
Starting Bid: $50
Current Bid: $52
Men's Gift Basket
includes: leather wallet, $10 gift card, vintage
fit plaid long sleeve shirt (md), graphic
t-shirt (md), Lowrise slim straight leg denim
jeans (32x32), Metal dogtag necklace
Valued at $200
Starting Bid: $50

The General Greene Restaurant Gift Card
229 Dekalb Ave. Brooklyn Ny 11205 (718) 222.1510
$100 Value
Starting Bid: $45
Current Bid: $50

Gift Card for 1 hour massage with Sam Cagnina
$150 Value
Starting Bid: $70
Current Bid: $120

Bidonville Coffee and Tea Gift Card
47 Willoughby Ave. Brooklyn Ny 11205 (718) 855.4515
$50 Value
Starting Bid: $15
Current Bid: $20

Jusami Children's T-Shirts
$50 Gift Certificate
Starting Bid: $25
Current Bid: $35

YOLELE! Recipes From the Heart of Senegal by Pierre Thaim

Valued at $30
Starting Bid: $20
Current Bid: $25

"Smokescape" by Tyler Campbell Wriston
16 x 20 inches c-print
Valued at $550
Starting Bid: $250
Current Bid: $600

"Rembrandt Light" by Tyler Campbell Wriston
16 x 20 inches c-print
Valued at $500
Starting Bid: $200

"Not Pretending" by Lincoln Mayne from the series "Why We Cry"
Mixed media on panel 16 x 16 inches
Valued at $2,500
Starting Bid: $700

"Rwanda Wooden Bike" by Chris McNally
water color on paper 11 x 14 inches
Valued at $500
Starting Bid: $200

"Young Heroes" by Collin Sekajugo
A depiction of tradition dance performed by young men for the King of Rwanda
Valued at $700
Starting Bid: $300
Current Bid: $600

"Love" by Bryan Collins
Ink on paper, 22 x 30 inches
Valued at $500
Starting bid: $200
Current Bid: $250

If you like any of these unique and inspiring artworks or would love to get your hands on some of the stylish clothes, authentic accessories or great deal gift cards, please email Chrissie Lam at and place a bid. Put the item in the subject, then your bid in the body along with your phone number. Don't forget to check back with her to see if there has been another bid after yours.

REPUBLIC and Create For A Cause greatly appreciate any participation in our silent auction. Again, thanks to everyone who made it out to the REACHING OUT: GISIMBA ORPHANAGE event last night. We are extremely grateful and look forward to seeing all of you again at our future events.

Friday, May 22, 2009

June 4: The Stumping Grounds Exhibition

REPUBLIC is very pleased to be producing in part, the event, The Stumping Ground, at Pochron Studios on June 4th.  One of our outstanding event photographers, Allison Joyce, is one of the five featured photojournalists exhibited.  

Over the course of the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election 18 individuals ran for the nation's highest office. Many of whose campaign's started and ended in Iowa. Keith Bedford, Michal Czerwonka, Allison JoyceEric Thayer, and Joshua Lott's photographic coverage began in the summer of  2007 when the five of them moved to Iowa's capital of Des Moines.  Nearly all of the candidates, both Republican and Democratic, set up offices, had staff on the ground, or had visited the state in their quest to become President, and the photojournalists covered all 18 candidates from their start to their finish. Each set out to search for images that were often overlooked. To that end, they began, to not only focus on the candidates, but the faces in the crowds, the hangers on, the staffers, the rallies, and the just plain odd. New photos was posted for each day of the election on the site starting in June 2007, up until election night. After the Iowa Primary, the photojournalists traveled to many other states like New Hampshire, South Carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin etc., often as a group, still working towards the ultimate goal of covering the entire election together. In the end they were able to finish the election the same way they began, as a small group of photojournalists, working, traveling and living together, witnesses to a historic chapter in our country's history. Beginning in Iowa, through Chicago on election night and finally Washington D.C. during the inauguration, they covered it all and achieved their goal.

For those of you who will be in NYC June 4th, please join stop by Pochron Studios in D.U.M.B.O, at 20 Jay Street (11th floor), between 6 pm and 11pm, for The Stumping Grounds one night only gallery show.

Status Update(d)-Samantha

An Xiao Twitters by her post cards

Sharon Butler in front of Van Aelst's "T-shirt Messages"

Status Update(d): Samantha attended the technological art exhibition on May 14th

Emerging social networking resources like Facebook, Myspace, and, are becoming useful for more than image browsing the late night stints of your peers or stalking the where-abouts of your latest love interest. The work of a dozen artists who use a variety of budding technologies to make their art is currently on display at the New Haven based research lab, Haskins Laboratories.

Matt Held, whose work was appropriately featured on the event flyer, showcased a fascinating project. His mission began in November when Held launched the facebook  group “I’ll have my facebook portrait painted by Matt Held.” Now exceeding 3,300 “friends” his work has begun to sell rapidly.

One of Held’s 200 muses, New York based artists An Xiao was there in high spirits with her texting thumb ready as she showcased her work, “Nothing to Tweet Home About (Self Portrait in Postcards).” Although incredibly enthusiastic, the work evoked a sense of dry reality as those familiar and undeniably addicted to the trend (myself included) realized the disconnect between older forms of communication and technologically simplified messages. Xiao explains, “The easier the communication device, the more trivial the message being sent.” Exemplifying the message further, she was sending postcards to Haskins Laboratories throughout the duration of the show, and twittering about the Status Update!

Xiao, along with artist/panelist Sharon Butler, of Eastern Connecticut State University, suggested that the best Twitterers were indeed people who saw the medium as an outlet for performance. During panel discussion, she and Haskins' CEO, Philip Rubin, encouraged attendees to "Please keep your cell phone on." Twittering was always encouraged.

The question was on every body’s mind: ‘What are you doing right now?”

Other participating artists include: Cat Balco, Jeremiah Teipen, Rachel Perry Welty, Katie Ring, Len Zimmerman, Kevin Van, Greg Garvey, Heather D. Freeman, Keith Johnson, and the curators themselves Debbie Hesse and Donna Ruff (of the Greater New Haven Arts Council).

For more information on the Status Update event and the artists, visit New Haven Independent

Regular Viewing Hours for Status Update are 10 am to 4 pm until August 1, 2009

Haskins Laboratories: 

300 George Street

New Haven, CT 06511

Sunday, May 17, 2009

REACHING OUT: Gisimba Orphanage

REACHING OUT: Gisimba Orphanage
May 29th, 2009 to Midnight
Le Grand Dakar
285 Grand Street, Brooklyn (between Clifton Place and Lafayette)

In the summer of 2008, Chrissie Lam, the founder of Create for a Cause, volunteered at Gisimba Memorial Center in Kigali, Rwanda to work with over 20 children who have been orphaned by genocide, HIV/AIDS and malaria. The picture she paints of her experience there is of a bright hope in the midst of a chaotic and bleak future for the youngest of Rwanda's generations. Filled to capacity, the center is now only able to take in children under special circumstances, receiving about five per year. All of the children are required to go to school and a large number go on to study higher education, making them more able to build normal lives once they become old enough to transition our of the orphanage. The orphanage and its school also prepare the children to reinvest their skills and knowledge back into their communities and to contribute to the hope of a better future for a new Rwanda.

Inspired by Chrissie Lam and the Gisimba Memorial Center, REPUBLIC is proud to present REACHING OUT: Gisimba Orphanage.

As the first in our ongoing REACHING OUT program of recurring charitable fundraising projects, REPUBLIC and Create for a Cause are working together to involve our local communities and New York City, at large, in a campaign to keep Gisimba Memorial Center equipped with the basic necessities it requires to stay in operation. That includes our help in providing the children who live there with education, food, and health care. The proceeds from the campaign will also be distributed through the Memorial Center to support sustainable revenue-generating projects within the Kigali community, such as livestock and agricultural programs.

Friday, May 29th at Le Grand Dakar Restaurant in Clinton Hill Brooklyn, REPUBLIC will host and extraordinary evening of celebration and fundraising with dance performances and music by Indoda Entsha percussion ensemble, food and drinks by Master Chef Pierre Thaim, along with a silent auction and an exhibition of photography by contemporary Rwandan artists.

Come with a full heart but an empty belly! Your financial contribution to this important cause does so much more than help the Gisimba Memorial Center, it also helps to further the reputation of our own community as an example of brother and sisterhood throughout the world. Beyond the frustrations and trials of our individual daily lives, this is an opportunity to reflect on how blessed we truly are and to reach out to the less fortunate with just a small helping hand. Not to pull them up, but to give them the tools to pull themselves up. If we all reach out just a little, we can all make a mighty difference that creates real help and change for the orphans of Rwanda, and for ourselves.

All monetary and silent auction donations are greatly appreciated. REPUBLIC will be collecting donations throughout the entire month of May and into June. Checks should be made out to "Fractured Atlas" with Create for a Cause in the memo line and be sent to Chrissie Lam; auction items should be mailed to Jason Voegele.

For more information about May 29th, making donations, or to learn more about REPUBLIC and our charitable projects, you can reach us online at or call 508.737.7921.

Donation Checks by Mail:
Chrissie Lam
298 Mulberry St. Apt. 7L
NYC, NY 10012

Donation Items by mail:
Jason Voegele
251 Washington Ave. Apt. 2R
Brooklyn, NY 11205

Saturday, May 9, 2009

MAY 7th = Success!

REPUBLIC would like to offer a whole-hearted thank you to all of the amazing people who came out to support the launch of our website and spectacular art exhibition this Thursday in Brooklyn, down under the Manhattan bridge overpass, at 20 Jay Street. A special thanks to Flora, from Julie Pochron Studios, for her extraordinary generosity, and Julia, from Water Street Restaurant and Lounge, for the perfect swirl of decadence and class at the after party.

Pochron Studios, ideally situated on the top floor, provided a breath-taking view of Manhattan and the bridges; but that was not the only attraction: the art works from the Formation exhibit were all top notch. Lenny Reibstein’s oil paintings and ink sketches were well received, along with Isaac Palatt’s oil on canvas piece. The dialogue created by Jazz-Mihn Moore’s oil on birch panel trilogy, and her acrylic, ink, rain, resin on birch panel piece was vast. Eunkang Koh’s gouache ink pieces were greatly admired, but Joshua Johnson’s Anatural sculptures and William Rhodes’ found object sculptures added the perfect touches to the beautiful space.

The weather was superb, the moon was full, and our new website is now live and ready for visitors, so stop by often to check for updates on our exciting new events we have planned for May and June. Save the date for Reaching Out: Gisimba Orphanage on May 29th at Le Grand Dakar on Grand St. in Clinton Hill. The traditional live music and dance is set, and a menu has been arranged and the night is guaranteed to satisfy. You'll want to show up with your heart full and your belly empty. All month long REPUBLIC, in cooperation with Create for a Cause and Fractured Atlas, is raising funds for the Gisimba Memorial Center in Rwanda and this event will be the most fun you have ever had doing something so right for the world.

REPUBLIC couldn’t have asked for a better reception and we look forward to your continued support in the future.

REPUBLIC Web launch video

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Site Launch Approaches!

That's right boys and girls, the REPUBLIC website is about to launch. Konah and Drew have spearheaded the design and build of the site, and they are working their big, fat fingers right down to the bone to get it all up and running by Thursday (take note, fellas). We are all ecstatic to become a better functioning part of the interweb as we expand past our humble blogspot beginnings.

Be sure to mark the launch event on your calendar and get down to DUMBO, where you can check out the site, peruse some fantastic works of art, and meet all of the wonderful people who are trying to make this baby happen. It looks like Thursday will be a beautiful spring evening, so there will be no excuse!