Saturday, March 21, 2009

REPUBLIC Brooklyn Logo

Greetings and welcome to REPUBLIC and all of the interesting things we do. Our last event was Saturday, February 21st at the amazing new event space JUNGLE located at 286 Meserole in Brooklyn and the pictures below are a record of the exhibition, Digital Rituals; New Art in the Fourth Dimension. Digital Rituals was an exhibition of digital video, interactive new meadia and live performance. Artists included, Laura Splan, Mey Veral, Peter Mackie, Tara Hrabowsky, Lucia Jeeson Lee, Jasin Cadic, Reuben Lorch-Miller, Joel Erland, Kate Kaman, Brian Shaw, The Brooklyn Art Collective and more with audio/visual live performances by Bart Woodstrup & Alex Chechile and Public School & Panopticon.
REPUBLIC is currently in production on three new projects beginning with the launch of our new website next month. As a regular visitor to this blog, you can continue to get updates about our other upcoming events like our May fundraising project for Create for a Cause and their African orphanage project. You can also look forward to this summer when we will be coming back to Jungle with a big new exhibition - this time curated by The Brooklyn Art Collective. My name is Jason Voegele and Ill be your pilot. If you have any questions you can contact myself or any other member of our staff at
Hope to hear from you…

Monday, March 2, 2009

Republic Brooklyn

photo by Allison Joyce (

Digital Rituals

photos by Allison Joyce (

photos by Leigh Bromer