Monday, March 21, 2011

Republic Reports From the Armory Show for

Dispatch: New York’s Biggest Art Weekend

New York City’s contemporary art world is constantly transforming — within the historic district of Chelsea alone, there are more than 350 world-class art galleries and exhibition spaces. That’s a lot of ground to cover! But three recent shows — The Armory Show, The Fountain Art Fair, and The Verge, offer a great overview of the art world as it lives now. Jason Patrick Voegele — curator, artist, writer and founder of Republic Worldwide [] — was there and has this report.

The Armory Show

Every March 3rd through 6th, NewYork City plays host to the hippest collection of art fairs known to man. Its called Armory Week and if you play your cards right you can catch some of the best artist and art dealers in the world all at once.

The centerpiece of this creative cluster is of course the Armory Show, serving up over 300 blue chip galleries showcasing the best of the best for sale and celebration. The Armory Show is the largest and most prestigious art fair in the world divided into two parts – Modern and Contemporary, so whether it’s a newfound appreciation for the next generation of conceptual art stars or if your looking for a classic investment in the masters of bygone days, this art fair has literally something for everyone to walk away with.