Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cook Center Toy Donation: Success!

REPUBLIC joined forces with Techno Source to bring the students at Cook Center for Learning and Development $750 worth of toys. These toys are not typical toys that you can find at Target--they are not baby dolls or Monopoly. Techno Source developed these educationally based products that are geared towards children who can benefit from social-building toys. The award winning Rubik's Revolution, Hide 'em and Find 'em Eggs (mentioned on Oprah), Guess What I Am, and Smiley Central Studio were all donated to the ecstatic children. Each toy promotes interaction via team work and opens up communication and exploration through. The REPUBLIC members were able to present the toys to specific classes in the center, step back, and watch the children play and connect. REPUBLIC wants to express their gratitude to Techno Source for their donation because seeing the smiles stretch across each child's face was a moment that will not soon be forgotten.

We look forward to working with the high school children on an up-coming art event, so check back for more information.

Demonstrating how "Guess Who I Am" is played

Finding the "Hide 'em and Find 'em" eggs

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