Monday, October 26, 2009

Get Your Affordable and Delicious Eat On!

Jason Isch, REPUBLIC's charity coordinator, has teamed up with his photographer roommate to create a foodie website: Corner Store Restaurateur.

Your prayers for a food blog created and maintained by two painfully handsome, polished young gentlemen have been answered. The two blindingly chiseled chaps we speak of are ourselves; Devon "does this camera make me look fat?" Knight and Jason "is that my finger or the sausage?" Isch.

Their name is complicated but the mission is simple: seek out interesting corner stores, bodegas, "Deli/Grocery's" etc. and create gourmet dishes from their unique wares. Delicious delicacies derived from disparate delicatessens? (They sure love our alliterations.)

Cornerstore Restaurateur is their illegitimate brain child, a child spawned from countless scribbled-on bills, receipts, overdue student loan notices and, of course, a handful of inebriated arguments between its creators.

The boys aim to use your suggestions as their compass, so, if you have any bright ideas on where they should go/what they should cook (or if you just want to say hi) don't hesitate to drop them a line!

Here are two of my favorite dishes:

Handmade Ravioli with a stuffed Zucchini Floret

Cinnamon Yorkshire Pudding Sundae

REPUBLIC is very proud of this endeavor and you should check out the site and give the recipes a try. You won't regret it.

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