Monday, November 30, 2009

REPUBLIC member showcases women in the arts for Alpha Girls

Alpha Girls is an organization that strives to manifest the greatness of women around the world by highlighting the many accomplishments of women in society. The group focuses on cultivating the talents of young women in order establish women leaders for tomorrow.

REPUBLIC's Lauren Culbreth will be acting as the group's Global Director of Art. Her goal is to help bring this mission of positivity and equality beyond the board room and aid in fostering female leadership within the art community around the world.

Alpha Girls mission explains: "With young women growing into tomorrow's leaders, they can enable women in leadership with their collective intelligence, creativity and actions. This powerful bridge between Alpha Girls and Female Power Network can shape tomorrow's living standards for women globally. It is our greatest aspiration that our daughters will experience their lives with vigor and respect for their identity. This celebration and respect for ourselves can start to fill the gap between inequality among men and women in our confidence, history of leadership to top executive compensations."

Are you ready to rewrite the psychology of women with Self-love, Self-worth and Self-esteem? Are you ready to become a role model for our daughters to lead powerful positions in society and our sons to respect and honor all the women in their lives? Alpha Girls is ready to kick-start the history of women's leadership around the globe!. To realize such capacity and impact on our society, we need your ambition as our guide.

You can find out more about Alpha Girls at or join them on Facebook

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