Wednesday, August 19, 2009

REPUBLIC charity event at Public House: Success!

REPUBLIC stepped outside of their Brooklyn borough on Thursday August 13th, to host a charity event for Cooke Center for Learning and Development and STIMU-A. Located on E 41st Street, Public House holds a charity contest during the summer months and REPUBLIC was honored to have the chance to meet a bunch of new and great people out in Manhattan while raising some money for a good cause.

REPUBLIC's charity organizer, Jay Isch guest bartended during the event's 2 hour open bar while the other REPUBLIC members informed Public House guests about Cooke Center for Learning and Development and STIMU-A's new clothing line. Our staff photographer, Sean McGurn posted himself inside the bar to capture the buzz, while Allison Joyce set up professional lights and snapped some great shots outside.

Sean McGurn's interior shot

Allison Joyce's Public House snapshots

Look for invites and check for new posts regarding future REPUBLIC events, such as an STIMU-A fashion show along with a gallery charity event and auction for Cooke Center for Learning and Development.

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