Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Trash Talk: Now On Tour With The Bronx - Drew

East of Eden Ep Out Now: Featuring Keith Morris of Circle Jerks Fame.

Trash Talk is the next great hope, poised to become the next chapter
in essential fast punk/hardcore scene.

They smashed into the scene in 2005, with a seven song demo cassette, released on the Sell Our Souls label from Spain. In 2006, the band
released their debut 7"EP on the same label, as well as a split 7"EP
with Steel Trap on the Spiderghost Pressgang label.

In early 2007, Trash Talk blew minds with the release of their
"Walking Disease" 7"EP/CDEP on the Rumble and Six Feet Under labels.
"Walking Disease" showcased Trash Talk as their most musically frantic
and lyrically dark band to date. They’re taking their hi-speed intensity to awe-inducing levels and conjuring the ghosts of Negative Approach, The Suicide File, early Agnostic Front, and more.

Trash Talk released their 7"EP, "Plagues" on Malfunction in early
2008. A CD version featuring their classic, "Walking Disease" EP and
"Plagues" EP titled, "Plagues...Walking Disease" was released a short
time later. The band now releases these recordings and future
recordings under their Trash Talk Collective label.

4/16/09 - Columbus, OH @ Ravari Room w/ The Bronx
4/17/09 - Baltimore, MD @ The Ottobar w/ The Bronx
4/18/09 - Edison, NJ @ Stelton Baptist Church w/ Let Down, Swamp Thing and Disaster*
4/19/09 - West Chester, PA @ The Note w/ The Bronx
4/20/09 - New York, NY @ The Bowery Ballroom w/ The Bronx
4/21/09 - Dix Hills, NY @ The Doghouse w/ Thieves and Assassins*
4/22/09 - Hoboken, NJ @ Maxwell’s w/ The Bronx
4/23/09 - Boston, MA @ The Great Scott w/ The Bronx
4/24/09 - Providence, RI @ Jerky’s w/ The Bronx

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